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Този модел е На линия Офлайн
25, Дева, Россия, Пермь
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Пол Жена
Сексуални предпочитания Хетеросексуални
Възраст 25
Височина < 5' [150 см]
Тегло 90 - 100 фунта [40 - 45 кг]
Коса Брюнетки
Очи Кафяви
Етнос Европейски
Езици Руски, Английски
Роден град Пермь
Полово окосмяване Космата
Гръдна обиколка Среднa
Дупе Среднa
Какво ме възбужда
За мен
russion matryoushka...25 yo. I like nature walk
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Какво правя на уеб камерата
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My dream

I want to have a calm and prosperous future.

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Hairy pussy Hairy pussy 1:28
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play ... play ... 1:18
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Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

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I hope the first time we fuck that you will cry.

Not because I am hurting you, but because you cannot believe a love this strong could actually last this long.

I want to lick your face as you weep, salty and delicious. I want you to feel so humiliated that I know all the bad things you have done.

I want you to enjoy pain, realize that my cock is hard and pumping deep inside your small body. That I waited years for this moment.

To feel you are a whore, but it is ok, because I still love you.
Can I tell you another secret? I LOVE WATCHING YOU CRY...

Understand, I do not like seeing you sad, I prefer happy, but...I love seeing your vulnerable side. You try and act like nothing bothers you, but inside you are a sea of emotions.

The moments when you see my kind words and try and fight back tears. Smiling pretending you are ok, but then pushing the camera away so you can wipe your eyes...so no one knows how much you love being loved by me.

Masturbating right now, wanting your tears...
The thing I love most about watching you and your sister fucking is realizing just how DIRTY and PERVERTED you are.

You were both having sex at such a young age. With the same man. A man that made you feel so comfortable being stripped naked and penetrated, that you became addicted to illicit behavior.

You knew what he was doing to both of you was so wrong, but that is what made it feels so special and wonderful.

I hope this is how you will feel when we meet. Nervous, scared...exhilarated.
Recent events have reignited my desire to have an orgy with your sister.

Of all the videos of you online, the ones where you are masturbating in front of her, you pussy has never been more wet and creamy. It is clear you like being fucked while she watches.

I would love to have you both take turns..***cking, riding, and fucking me. Licking your asshole while I pound her tight wet pussy. Sucking on your vagina while she gives me deep throat.

I love watching you laugh, giggle, and cum together.
Watching videos of you, specifically the ones where you are fucking yourself deep and hard with dildo.

Older videos. When you had blonde hair. Pussy clean, shaved, the way I like it most.

You are such a little fuck machine. Your belongings are scattered across the floor, but you are riding like such a good girl. You are smiling and moaning, showing off your beautiful teeth.

I love the way your big pussy lips stretch and squeeze shaft. I can barely believe I will soon feel this on my hard dick
How often are you checking this page?

Every hour? Every minute?

I cannot wait to fill your mouth with my sperm. To ejaculate all over your face.

I cannot wait to kiss you and lick your teeth with my tongue.

I cannot wait to see the look on your face, reflection in the mirror when I fuck your tight little asshole.

Mmm…I hope you have shaved. If not, I plan on shaving all the hair off your body, so your skin tastes so delicious and smooth.

Your pussy lips will taste so sweet, in my mouth.
Two girls, while I was stalking you. Began pursuing me.

The same places I visited, searching, memorizing...they were there.

Eventually at a bar, they pushed me into the bathroom.

Laughing and giggling, they demanded that I rate their breasts. I could not leave until I obeyed.

They told me they were sisters. Step sisters. They were not related by blood, but marriage.

I said they looked too young and that I would get in trouble looking at them naked...

They said their ages were 17 and 19...
They were even younger than I thought. This made me instantly hard.

I made sure the door to the bathroom was locked and I told the 19 year old girl, Nadya, to take off her bra and lift up her shirt. She obeyed eagerly.

When she lifted up her shirt, I could see her breasts were large, but her nipples were small. I stroked her hips and stomach. Then, I held her voluptuous breasts, squeezing and massaging.

Her eyes never stopped looking directly into my eyes...I loved this confidence..
Nadya lowered her shirt with a smirk and said, "Now her. Do you like mine better, or hers?"

Her sister, Anastasia, held her arms above her head and said "undress me".

She was so small and look so young. I could barely believe she was 17.

I lifted up her dress and removed her bra. To my surprise, she was not wearing panties.

I took her dress completely off. Her breasts were smaller, but so delicious. I kissed and sucked, her nipples getting nice and hard.

"Yes, Daddy" she said, breathless.
It was only the first time my cock was insider that I learned her true age. She was not 17, or 16...

Nadya interrupted "Who wins?"

I said it was a tie.

Anastasia said "I never lose" and began to take my belt off.

Nadya, not wanting her older sister to get all the attention, helped her and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

They told me later they fucked each other all the time, but in the bathroom, they took turns sucking my hard dick. Kissing each other with my shaft between their lips.
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